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Family Benefits from Sustainable Energy

Realising the great financial and environmental benefits of switching to sustainable energy, Nick Zimmerman, who owns a 4 bedroom detached property in Worcester, called on the services of Marcus and his team.

His home, which he lives in with his wife and two children, had used a traditional oil boiler system. He was keen to avoid the hassle of replacing the radiators in his property, so the heating and hot water systems provided were entirely compatible with these.

After a thorough initial assessment of his requirements, Marcus Payne, the managing director of GES Mechanical recommended a combination of photovoltaic and solar thermal panels along with a ground source heat pump.

As Nick’s property has a relatively large roof area available, it could accommodate 42 photovoltaic panels which equates to 9.87 kWP, and these were installed on the roof of the stable block. In addition, two solar thermal panels were fitted to the stable block roof to give the family more sustainable energy.

The ground source heat pump was installed in order to complement the radiator circuit which now operates throughout the property. This works by collecting low grade heat from the ground close by, and increasing its temperature via water filled ground loops buried at a shallow depth. On Nick’s case, these loops were easily installed in a field lying adjacent to his property.

Nick’s home is now a constant 21°, and he has constant hot water up to 65°. His electricity costs have been reduced by half, and through the government’s Feed in Tariff (FIT), his home now generates over £850 worth of electricity every six weeks, which will be used to repay the initial outlay.

Nick said: “The installation process was remarkably straight forward and there was no hassle. Marcus and his team knew exactly what we required and explained how everything would work.

“I would not hesitate to recommend him and the company to anyone who wanted these fantastic heating systems. I have been telling my friends and family about these superb products.”

Nick’s home is now enjoying the benefits of these renewable energy systems and added: “We started to see real financial benefits from the start and I’m delighted at the prospect of vastly reduced energy bills.

“There’s also the feel good factor attached to heating your home this way – it’s great to know that we are continually saving money and at the same time we are hoping to save the planet.”

For more information on our sustainable energy systems visit our website here or call GES Mechanical on 01302 876194 or phone 07930 337484.

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