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Oil Heating Services

GES Mechanical have a professional team of LPG and natural gas engineers for residential and commercial clients. Our highly qualified engineers can undertake the installation and servicing of all types of appliances and equipment.

Our engineers are specialists in all kinds of residential and commercial oil heating systems and are able to provide a full and comprehensive professional installation or service plan.

GES Mechanical can offer the following oil heating services:

– Pressure jet commissioning and servicing.

– Domestic oil fired installation and energy efficiency.

– Domestic commercial oil tank installation.

It is recommended that oil fired central heating boilers are serviced at least once a year to ensure the safe working of the units.

Have you considered an alternative form of heating?


The price of oil has significantly increased over recent years and experts predict the costs will only keep on rising. Oil is a fossil fuel, not a form of renewable energy and its supplies will eventually run dry. We’re not exactly sure when this will happen but, as demand outstrips supply, this will only push the prices up further.

Biomass is the cheapest form of energy at present and a biomass boiler uses wood chips to create heat. This is the cheapest form of heating fuel at around 2.6p per kWh and oil is currently around 5.8p per kWh so there’s obviously a big difference in the price of fuel.

oil heating services yorkPlease visit our biomass pages to learn more about the fantastic benefits that biomass energy can offer, especially if a system is needed to heat a commercial property.

Call the green team on 01302 876194 or phone 07930 337484 for more information about our oil heating services. We would be more than happy to help if you’re considering an upgrade to the current fuel that you use to heat your home or workplace.

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