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Green Deal Doncaster

Green Deal

The UK Government aims to provide a range of financial incentives to encourage the take up of renewable energy and energy efficiency installations.

The Green Deal was launched in January 2013 and will enable many households and businesses to improve the energy efficiency of their properties without consuming so much energy and wasting so much money.

A quarter of the UK’s carbon emissions come from the energy used in homes and a similar amount comes from our businesses, industry and workplaces. The UK government’s target is to drastically reduce those emissions by 2050.

The Green Deal is a government initiative designed to help meet the upfront cost of making your home more energy efficient. The Green Deal will allow you to install energy-efficiency measures and pay for the improvements with the savings you make on your fuel bill(s).

Although you will repay the cost over a period of time, this is not a conventional personal loan as the charge is attached to the meter and paid back through your fuel bill. If you decide to move out, the idea is that the new occupant will pick up the charge while also benefiting from a more energy-efficient property.

Green Deal DoncasterThe scheme will also help the most vulnerable and will help deliver major measures. Such measures will include solid wall insulation and/or new gas boiler installations in homes which need more work than Green Deal finance alone can stretch to.

More information on the Green Deal can be found by clicking here.  Or you can call our friendly Green Team on 01302 876194 or phone 07930 337484 to find out more.

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