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GES Mechanical & Electrical Ltd was founded on the belief that renewable energy is the future for all of us.

Our services and products confront the environmental problems inherent in much of our energy consumption and we can offer a more attractive and greener alternative.

Why Green Energy?

Our world relies heavily on coal, oil and natural gas for its energy – fossil fuels which are non-renewable and will eventually run out. In the meantime, they will become increasingly expensive and too environmentally damaging to extract.

At GES we understand that climate change, caused by increasing levels of certain gasses in the atmosphere, is now widely acknowledged as the greatest environmental threat facing the world today.

As utility bills become an increasing burden for all, so too does the knowledge that our environment is changing at an unprecedented pace.

GES was formed in response to the changing needs of our planet. ‘Going green’ is no longer simply a lifestyle choice – it is a social responsibility and an economic reality we must all face. This change can positively improve our surroundings, provide tangible benefits and save money.

Our Services

Unlike many companies, we are able to provide you with a complete solution from design through to installation and maintenance. We provide a seamless, in-house, turn-key service without compromising on quality and attention to detail.

From solar panels to heat pumps, from biomass to rainwater harvesting, GES has the expertise, service and products to meet your requirements. We work with domestic, commercial and public sector customers and clients on all levels and sizes of contracts.


We are a multi-disciplinary company, giving freedom and choice to our clients. Our capability is both tried and tested and we provide expert advice to help our clients make the right choice. We have a state-of-the-art showroom showing our clients what we are capable of.

Key Clients

As well as our hundreds of satisfied domestic clients, some of our key commercial and public sector clients to date include: NHS Trust, Salvation Army, Frank Haslam Milan, Shoreline Housing Partnership, Linden Homes, Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencer, Morfitts, Gleeson Homes, Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council and Emerson.

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