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Renewable heat premium payment

Renewable Heat Sector Receives Boost

*This grant is no longer available*

An extension of the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) has been recently announced by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

As well as the extension, the grants covered by the RHPP have doubled for homeowners which should prove to be a welcome boost for both the renewable heating industry and domestic users of renewable energy.

DECC appears to have bowed to strong calls from within industry to make the RHPP more generous in order to support the market as a stopgap, until the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) starts next summer.

Also announced is the new rule that all future recipients of the RHPP must undergo a Green Deal Assessment to qualify. This process will typically cost homeowners between £100 and £150 and will help consumers choose the most appropriate new technology for their home.

Therefore, payments for ground source heat pumps will nearly double from £1,250 to £2,300 whilst those who install air source heat pumps will now receive £1,300, up from £850. Biomass support has increased from £950 to £2,000 and solar thermal £300 to £600.

The new RHPP grants are now as follows:

Ground or water source heat pumps – £2300

Air to water heat pump – £1300

Biomass – £2000

Solar thermal – £600

Marcus Payne, managing director of GES Mechanical UK Ltd, said: “This latest development of the RHPP is fantastic news for all concerned.

“It appears the government has listened to industry concerns and suggestions on how to speed up the development of the renewable heating sector.

“With the well-documented delay of the RHI and the Green Deal getting off to a slower than expected start, the RHPP extension is a positive step in the right direction.”

GES Mechanical are specialists in renewable energy and operate from within their superb showroom on Jupiter Business Park in Bentley, Doncaster. Contact the green team on 01302 876194 or phone 07930 337484 for all your renewable energy needs.

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