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Underfloor heating Sheffield

Ever Considered Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating gently heats the floor via warm water pipes or electric cable. It is already widely used in other countries and is now increasingly being recognised in the UK as the most modern energy efficient option for space heating.

Underfloor heating is a very simple and cost effective way to extract as much heat from your system to provide comfortable heat for your home or place of work.

An underfloor heating system heats from the floor upwards to allow an even distribution of heat which maximises your comfort level – it’s a bit like having a massive but invisible radiator on your floor.

An underfloor heating system is also good for your health and can help to reduce the number of dust mites in your home as moisture content levels are too low. This can help people who suffer from asthma or others that may have breathing complications.

A conventional radiator system is not only ugly but offers localised heat and usually requires your boiler to run at a higher temperature which obviously uses more gas meaning higher heating bills. They can also be dangerous for children as a radiator’s surface can get very hot.

Key Benefits

Uniform heat – improved levels of comfort

Maximise floor and wall space – no ugly radiators

Improved energy efficiency (typical savings up to 25% on fuel bills)

Requires water heated to just 45-65°C

Silent running – no expansion creaking/water flow noises

Greater safety as very hot surfaces from radiators are eliminated

Low allergy – reduces airborne dust/dust mites for a healthier environment

The installation of such systems is ideal for a new-build property but can also be retro fitted even underneath typical wooden floorboards.  The three most common types of floor construction are solid screed floor, timber joisted / suspended and floating floor.

Call us on  01302 876194 or phone  07930 337484 for a free, no obligation quote. Feel the warmth at your feet with an underfloor heating system from GES Mechanical! Underfloor heating Sheffield

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