Air Source Heat Pump
Grants Now Available

Air Source Heat Pump <br>Grants Now Available

Claim £7,500 heat pump grant now.

From 23 October 2023 the Boiler Upgrade Scheme grants have been increased and you can now claim £7,500 towards an air source or ground source heat pump.

Now is the best time to get your heat pump installed with these Government grants available.

Air source heat pumps are generally easier to install than ground source as they don’t require any excavations or drilling in your garden or land and can be installed where space availability is an issue.

They can be, however, often less efficient than a ground source heat pump but are still a very cost-effective renewable energy source that is available to us at all times from the outside air.

An air-to-water heat pump uses the freely available energy from the air and turns it into heat which is then transferred to your radiators or underfloor heating system and it can also heat your hot water up to 55°C. These air pumps can be fitted on a new build or retro fitted to an older property.

Air Source Heat Pump Benefits
UK Green Energy
UK Green Energy
Zero emissions
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Reduce your energy bills
UK Green Energy
Low maintenance
UK Green Energy
Environmental protection
Saving You Money

The Government grant of £7,500 helps to reduce emissions with the use of heat pumps, making heat pumps an affordable solution for many households and cuts the cost of heating your home.
Heat pumps can save you more on your heating bills if you’re replacing an electric, LPG or coal system, rather than gas.

Air source heat pumps

The components of an air source heat pump are made up of an evaporator coil, a compressor, and a heat exchanger. The outside of a building is where the fan intake system (outdoor air handling unit) is fixed and requires no annual maintenance. The fan is the only moving part of the outdoor unit which also requires no ongoing maintenance.

Whether you’ll need a backup heating system for additional energy or water heating will be influenced by the heating needs of your home or workplace. There will be a small amount of electricity used to power the pump but this cost will be offset against the savings you make on your heating bill.


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