Commercial Solar PV

Commercial Solar PV

Reduce Business Costs and Grow Your Business 

Working across construction, hospitality, farming, logistics, manufacturing and amateur sports, UK Green Energy is saving UK businesses money with commercial solar PV installation. 

Across all industries, business owners and operators are looking for ways to actively offset their overheads; solar PV panels are an incredibly effective way to lower energy bills and boost business sustainability. 

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Is my solar PV project commercial or residential?

Commercial projects tend to see in excess of 25 solar panels used. An increased number of panels equates to a quicker and higher return on investment, which is why solar is fast becoming the go-to renewable energy for businesses looking to increase their green credentials and decrease their spend with traditional energy providers.

Whether quoting your businesses directly or providing a quote for tender, the experts at  UK Green Energy work with you to design, supply, install and maintain your solar PV panels.

Why Choose UK Green Energy?

The number one provider of green energy solutions and advice across South Yorkshire and beyond, UK Green Energy is expanding its work into the commercial realm.

Experts in solar photovoltaic (PV) and solar power systems for all commercial sectors, by choosing UK Green Energy to install your commercial solar PV system will not only convert solar radiation into free electricity to fuel your business and help reduce your carbon footprint but will also earn you money back through Energy Company SEG Payments – all the while reducing your electricity bill, giving you the funds to support business growth, sooner.

With the ability and expertise to ensure a quick turnaround can be delivered on your project if required, whether you’re planning a long-term solution or need a timely turnaround, UK Green Energy are the experts for you.