Rainwater Harvesting

Saves money on your water bill by reducing your water usage.

Rainwater Harvesting

GES Mechanical can help you recycle the rainwater that falls on your property. We can supply and install rainwater harvesting systems, tanks and pumps to help you benefit by saving and re-using the rainwater that falls on your roof.

This recycled water can simply be used to flush your toilet, water your garden, clean your car and supply your washing machine. Gardeners recommend that plants use as much natural rainwater as possible rather than chemical mains water. It also costs a lot less to use than the water from your tap.

Rainwater harvesting Yorkshire

Various techniques have been practiced for thousands of years to collect and store water, especially in areas that suffer from low rainfall. Today, rainwater harvesting systems can be installed in both new and existing buildings and can range from a simple, cheap water butt to a more complex system.

There is unprecedented pressure to ensure that every drop of water is accounted for and controlled in these modern times. A rainwater harvesting system therefore has the potential to meet a significant proportion of the domestic demand. This will in turn alleviate the overall demand on the supply of water from our regional and national resources.

How it works

  1. 1. A typical rainwater system will collect rainwater from your roof which is then taken via pipes to a storage tank that is usually located in your garden.
  2. 2. A filter removes leaves and other debris and a settlement tank allows small particles to sink to the bottom.
  3. 3. Floating debris is skimmed off the surface via an overflow pipe and the clean water is extracted from just below the surface.
  4. 4. Water can be pumped directly from the tank to appliances or to your loft header tank.
  5. 5. A float switch in the tank will automatically top up with mains water if the level is too low.

Key benefits of rainwater harvesting

  1. Saves money on your water bill by reducing your water usage.
  2. Low maintenance costs and requirements.
  3. Provides water when there is a drought or in summer season.
  4. A volume of water is kept out of the storm-water management system, thereby helping to reduce flooding risks.
  5. Gains Eco-homes rating points for your property.
  6. The quality of captured rainwater is usually sufficient for most household needs, reducing the need for detergents because rainwater is soft.
  7. And rainwater is better for your garden as it has a balanced ph and is free of chemicals such as chlorine.
Rainwater harvesting Yorkshire

The government’s Code for Sustainable Homes scheme encourages fitting large underground tanks to new-build homes to collect rainwater for domestic uses. This provides a 50% reduction in the amount of mains water used in the home.

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