Solar Power

Generate cheap, green electricity from sunlight with solar panel
systems capturing the sun's energy using photovoltaic cells

Solar Panel Finance in Doncaster

Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

GES Mechanical are experts in solar panels and solar power systems for all domestic and commercial sectors. Solar energy is a completely renewable resource and consistent source of energy that will never run out.

Our aim is to provide you with expert advice and guidance throughout the whole process with customer service levels second to none. Once the installation is complete, we will provide you with professional support over the lifetime of your solar power system. We will ensure that the needs of you and the environment are both fulfilled.

Solar PV Panels

Solar PV Panels

Solar PV systems convert solar radiation into free electricity and also earn you money.

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Solar Thermal Panels

Solar Thermal Panels

Solar thermal panels provide a renewable water heating system that uses the energy from the sun.

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Solar Batteries

Solar Batteries

Battery storage for your solar PV system stores energy for when you need it most, or when you can sell it for more!

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Key benefits of solar panels

Cut your electricity bills.

The sun is a complete renewable and consistent source of energy. Sunlight is free, so once you’ve paid for the initial installation, your electricity costs will be significantly reduced.

Get paid for the electricity you generate.

The government’s feed-in tariff pays you for the electricity you generate, even if you use it.

Sell electricity back to the grid.

If your system is producing more electricity than you need, or when you can’t use it, you can sell the surplus back to the grid.

Cut your carbon footprint.

Solar electricity is a green and clean source of renewable energy and doesn’t release any harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) or other pollutants. A typical home solar system could save over 3 tonnes of CO2 per year. That’s more than 60 tonnes over its lifetime.

Increase the value of your property.

Installing solar panels on your property not only provides you with cheap, green electricity – it can also make a real difference to the value of your property. More and more people are realising that cheap renewable power like solar makes good economic sense.

If your system is eligible for the feed in tariff scheme it could generate savings and income of around £800 per year*. You will get paid for both the electricity you generate and use, and what you don’t use and export to the grid.

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