Thermodynamic Systems for Heating

Thermodynamic solar panels are set to revolutionise the way you receive hot water for your home or place of work.
A thermodynamic system surpasses anything that has been available in the UK and has proved very popular since their introduction.

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Thermodynamic Systems for Heating

This new type of solar panel has predominantly been used to provide domestic hot water but more and more people are now utilising the same technology to provide their heating as well.

These panels do not require direct sunlight and work by collecting energy from the atmosphere throughout the day and night. It is similar technology to that of a refrigeration system but works in reverse.

This allows the system to produce heat 24 hours a day whatever the weather may be doing outside. It has the ability to work in temperatures as low as -15⁰C and will continue to produce heating water at 55⁰C.

Solar Thermal Panels

Heating your home or workplace through this technology will provide 100% of your heating requirements at a fraction of today’s heating costs.

You could save up to 80% from your current heating bill be it gas or oil – the remaining 20% comes from the low amount of electricity that the system uses.

Marcus Payne, managing director of GES Mechanical, said: “A thermodynamic system is the perfect solution for underfloor heating and efficient radiator heating installations.

“They’re also ideal for heating swimming pools and commercial large volume hot water requirements that a care home, hotel or dairy farm may have.

“A thermodynamic system will not only reduce your energy consumption and heating bills but will also benefit the natural environment and is very much a green technology.

“Also, if your kitchen has electric cooking appliances then you could quite easily say goodbye to your gas or oil bills!”

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