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Thermodynamic solar

Thermodynamic Solar

Green Energy Solutions can now supply you with the renewable hot water solution you have been waiting for. Welcome to the world of thermodynamics.

You no longer have to rely on the power of the sun to provide you with hot water as with traditional solar thermal panels. These new generation panels are the ultimate in sustainability and will produce hot water 24 hours a day, 365 days a year come rain, shine or even snow.

Thermodynamic solar panels offer fantastic flexibility due to the fact that they work all year round. These panels will produce hot water for your home, business or even your swimming pool. The panels can also provide the heat to your underfloor or central heating system if required.

Traditional solar thermal panels only enable you to gain heat from the sun for approximately 60% of the year due to the UK’s seasonal climate. The rest of the year you will have to rely on a back-up system to provide your hot water which only adds to your costs.

Thermodynamic solar panels are therefore the perfect solution for the UK as they do not rely on the sun shining. They work differently and absorb heat energy from the atmosphere, just like an air source heat pump does.

Key Features of Thermodynamic Solar Panels


– Provides 100% of your hot water.
– Provides 55°C hot water.
– The system doesn’t freeze or overheat.
– No need to be south facing and can also be wall mounted.
– Excellent thermal efficiency.
– Significantly reduces carbon emissions.
– Even works in winter and during the night.

How do they work?


1. A refrigerant fluid fills and circulates the panels absorbing heat energy from the atmosphere.
2. This increase in temperature expands the fluid into a gas, which passes through a compressor.
3. The pressurised gas then flows through a heat exchanger, which transfers the heat into the water. The heated water can then be used for sanitary hot water, central or underfloor heating or your swimming pool.
4. Finally, the gas passes through an expansion valve, reverts back to a liquid and flows back to the panels to repeat the process.

Thermodynamic Solar PanelFor further information on these new superb panels, contact the Green Team on 01302 876194 or phone  07930 337484Discover the fantastic benefits of thermodynamic solar today with GES Mechanical.

Windows Media PlayerClick on the following link to watch a video on thermodynamic solar panels – Thermodynamics video.


Click on the following link to download a PDF for more technical information – Thermodynamics download.

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